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Vitor Azevedo, Director. Vitor began his career studying the smallest to the largest creatures in the Ocean. Scuba diving the Atlantic Ocean offered an escape from the concentration and technicalities of study. The way that he sees things around him and his desire to create objects without being confined by order led him to art. Flashes of his homeland Portugal and love of the sea are evident in his choice of bright and bold colours as well as every tone of blue imaginable. Years after coming to the UK, Vitor, Rachel Huyton and Paul Calderwood took a risk and created a gallery within an old co-operative bakery. Understanding the difficulties that artists face when starting out, he has ensured that artsmithLIVE remains a hub for fellow artists to be welcomed and supported.


Alan Brewhouse 2011

Alan Jenkins: My artistic origins are as a sculptor. Playing with physical materials and media are my main interests. Landscapes and seascapes are major sources of inspiration. The working process often creates themes for the work to develop, by combining, memory, imagination and reality.

David Edge (1 of 4)

David Edge is a Derby photographer whose work examines people and spaces with a touch of the surreal. He enjoys meeting people and talking about art, volunteering at Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff as well as artsmithLIVE.


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Guy Evans: artist, artist’s model, actor and director. Artsmith projects: Solo exhibition FULL FRONTAL – over sixty nudes and self-portraits. Hosted ‘100 Pieces’ playing auctioneer Puyet De Simon, and performed as part of Rachel Huyton’s contemporary dance piece ‘Between Us’.



Jordan Alex Smith: Artist and Curator, working with drawing and language. Exhibited nationally and Europe. Shows include ‘Vote Art’ (2015) With Jeremy Deller and Bob and Roberta Smith, Peckham Platform, ‘By the Dozen’, (2014), Berlin and ‘EEA Remix’ (2014) Gerrit Rietveld Academie.


Kester Savage

Kester Savage: Honoured to have recently been referred to as “part of the furniture” at Artsmith. I’m a photographer, librarian and artist (of sorts), who hasn’t grown out of thinking that we can change things for the better.

Kevin A Pickering

Kevin A. Pickering: Mixed media Artist/Printmaker. Recurring themes throughout his work are the exploration of the male form, our different perceptions of beauty and the aesthetics of decay and degradation.

Walt Shaw

Walt Shaw is a visual artist, performance artist and percussionist, frequently at Artsmith. He likes to create work that fuses these disciplines. There is always a strong emphasis on improvisation and experimentation.