Gallery Space

The Main Gallery with 21 metres of hangable space and a high ceiling can be hired for £80 per week.

The Lounge Gallery with 14 metres of hangable space and a low ceiling can be hired for £50 per week.



  1. All exhibitions will be hung and taken down by the artist to the specifications set out below, support and guidance is available by a member of the Artsmith Team if required.
  2. Artsmith will promote exhibitions via our website and facebook page and gallery newsletter. We will also display any promotional posters and flyers given to us by the artist. We recommend that the artist create their own facebook event and posters and flyers to maximise the marketing potential. Please send an artist personal statement and 3 photographs of the work to be exhibited 600 px wide to Artsmith offer a poster design service for £30 if required. This does not include print costs.
  3. Exhibition Specifications – the use of Sticky fixits, staples, glue, drawing pins, tacks or nails are not permitted in hanging exhibitions. White tack permitted if agreed with the gallery team and removed after close of exhibition. Please attach mirror plates to all wall based artwork, unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Artists must agree a date and time with the gallery to set up and take down exhibitions.
  5. Please ensure that all of your work is personally insured.
  6. We request that all labels are produced on mount card or similar and fixed with white tack. We do not accept paper labels. Please provide an artist profile that can be exhibited with the work, again on mount or foam board. Work can be numbered on a separate A4 printed price list or included on the labels as shown below. If numbers are used, these must be affixed to the wall properly reflecting the A4 printed sheet.
  7. Opening times of the gallery are Wednesday to Saturday 12 noon to 5 pm daily. The gallery is run by volunteers, we aim to open at as above but please note there may be occasional closures due to volunteer availability.
  8. Artsmith will support arranged previews if required, we will offer a licensed bar, please note that only alcohol bought on the premises can be consumed. We recommend that the artist considers live music accompaniment for opening or closing events to promote the exhibition fully.
  9. Artsmith will charge £80 per week to hire the Main Gallery space or £50 for the Lounge Gallery which needs to be paid before the exhibition starts. Cheques payable to Artsmith LIVE or cash.
  10. Only the agreed space is available. Any other space required for storage, equipment etc must be requested and agreed with the Artsmith Team.


  1. Artsmith will ensure reasonable care of all work whilst in exhibition.
  2. Artsmith charges NO commission on sales.
  3. All work in the glass cases will be available for taking away immediately. Wall-based work will be reserved and be available to take at the end of the exhibition.